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Social Inventions

We think, design, structure and develop social inventions using quantum mechanics.

With colleagues, we have invented personal exploration approaches (quantum coaching), novel management practices (quantum management), seventh-sense human communication competencies (immaterial communication), and new family definitions (Soggy). All of them supported by the social-philosophical ontological framework developed by Carlos & John called Quantic Humanism.


Quantum Coaching

By helping humans to emerge their authentic self, we are using quantum reality so human flourishing happens.

Authenticity is something that we all want and deserve. However, society is more worried about having ‘normal’ people. Social comparison becomes the yardstick which we use to ‘measure’ ourselves to know if we are OK. The result is void-humanness. Here we have been using alternative, humanistic and very empathetic approaches so humans can flourish and have the courage to become who they really want to be (regardless of what their parents think).


Ventures & Consultancy

Working toward instilling and interiorizing higher purpose missions in social businesses around the world.

Either by consultancy or by supporting social ventures, we have been working with companies, social entrepreneurships and mavericks to make reality their idea of social spaces where people can flourish, but at the same time making real the triple impact that business must have. We are allied with vanguard management approaches and impact investors so we can leverage the social impact of this innovative social enterprises. For example, the Quantic Humanism Initiative has been working with the Humanistic Management Center, the B-Coporations in Colombia and the impactHUB-Bogotá.


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Applied Research

After almost a decade of research, Carlos Largacha-Martinez & John W. Murphy created the socio-philosophical theoretical framework for all these initiatives. Holistic psychology, neuroplasticity, biofields, alterian sociology and relational quantum mechanics are applied.



The Quantic Humanism Initiative is a team work. Each one of us leads her/his projects, but the results are due to an integrative synergy. In order to achieve this, we have had several alliances formed more than a decade ago. With these alliances we are achieving a higher purpose and a higher social impact.


Our team




With the Vice President of Mansarovar, we needed to know the best practices for complex situations and how to manage them within our company and as a team, as well as with stakeholders, especially with the Community. Carlos Largacha-Martínez’s judicious, systemic and contextualized analysis was very helpful for us.

Marcela Cañon  –  Former Project Manager


During this period of consulting and managerial leadership, more than 50 managers and supervisors met with Carlos for three hours each week.

From then on we worked together on several projects in Energetics to strengthen the concept and began to share our experiences with other organizations and companies showing how humanistic management is a viable option to deliver higher profits in a company and, at the same time, create a good work environment

Carlos combines extraordinary intelligence with an ability to listen, understand problems and find solutions based on social, personal values ​​and humanistic principles. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a high class consultant.


Peter King  –  Former CEO

Energéticos, Wood Group

Carlos Largacha served as leader and main coach in the Humanistic Management Workshop for more than 20 executives of the CLÍNICA VIP, in the first semester of the year 2013. The workshop courses focused on the topics of Leadership and Strategy.

As a result of the project, the different leaders of the CLINICA VIP incorporated leadership attitudes within the work teams that have represented the cohesion of the steering group.

For the CLINICA VIP, and personally for me, this is an excellent opportunity to certify the work of Carlos, and highlight their ability to make people flourish within their work environment.

Diego Cubillos  –  Scientific Director

Clinica VIP

Every time I was in class, Largacha always sought to encourage and motivate each one of us so that we would risk doing what we like no matter what they will say. I always wanted to be a model but I was self-conscious because of my height, I did not risk it because I thought that I would not be able and I was TERROR that I would be JUDGED. Thanks to coach Carlos Largacha leave those fears and I “risk” to study modeling.

Then I met my boyfriend online. Now I live in Australia. Everyone told me I was crazy. If I kept paying attention to that fear of … what will they say about me? I would not be living here in Australia with a wonderful person and living incredible experiences. But definitely thanks to that madness that has encouraged me to take risks, is that I have lived things that I never imagined in my life would come to live, without a doubt the best experience of my life.

Natalia López   –     Leadership Student, 2014


Our expertise

Our expertise is something that we cherish a lot. We are always learning, which explains the percentages in the right space. We don´t have all the answers, but we have trans-disciplinary expertise which help us provide our services so you can have higher social impact and a solid purposefulness approach. Based on our team, our top expertise's are Organizational transformation, Applied complex theories, Human Flourishing, and Strategy & Visioning.

  • Organizational transformation
  • Applied complex theories
  • Human Flourishing
  • Strategy & Visioning
Organizational transformation
Applied complex theories
Human Flourishing
Strategy & Visioning

About us

People normally link invention with technology. Here we believe that having social inventions is as important for society than it is to have a new app or a new tool. For us, a social inventor is a person or a group that thinks that society must be reinvented every day, and that social structures must be rethink permanently. However, we have been educated and socialized in a way that we can’t see new alternatives. It is very important to start using different thinking tools, like complex theories and quantum mechanics.​

In the Quantic Humanism Initiative you will find how a group of entrepreneurs, academics, intellectuals, social activists, and researchers are working to think, create, develop and change the way things were done typically.

We believe that if you link passion with purpose, social inventions can emerge.

Carlos @ TED appearance


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