The four experts that got together in 2016 had a similar dream: how to make people more inspired? Is it possible that people can be self-inspired so they can inspire others towards a more fulfilling life and society? And how can we achieve this using state-of-the-art technology and science? Within this group exploration an advising firm emerged and we call it ‘Surf Management’, as a step towards the creation and patenting of the Bio-Inspirometer. Our research is based on: epigenetics, quantum mechanics, neuroplasticity, biofields, heart variability (coherence), radionics, and morphogenetic fields.

We are not starting from scratch. One of the member of the research team is the Colombian Representative of a 60+ year research German company called ‘Bruce Copen Laboratories’. With the Mars-III device (, we have been doing personal and business analysis. Also, another member of the research team has been working with a USA patented device called the ‘Inner Balance’, which measures the heart variability, and was developed by the HearMath Institute (

The New Oxford American Dictionary has a definition of an inspired person who is “exhibiting a creative impulse in the activity specified” and inspiration as “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something creative”. The synonims for a person or thing that inspires are “motivation, encouragement, impulse, catalyst, muse, boost”.  In addition to these definitions, we see a human that inspired if she can magnetize others.

Organizations are at a great crossroads today. They invest millions of pesos in training and development of skills in their collaborators, as well as in generating highly competitive business cultures. However, the return on this investment is low, and systemically, Colombian competitiveness does not manage to be world-class because it needs a large number of companies that generate great results.

Aware of this reality, with this project we want to provide concrete, scientifically based elements to support Colombian companies to innovate in management, making a leap to the world’s forefront. In addition, these models are based on platforms that seek to generate individual and business awareness, increase personal flourishing and deconstruct the traditional toxic structures of companies.

The human team that supports this innovative Colombian venture has many years of real experience, as well as joint research that contributes to its achievement. The General Objective of the Bio-Inspirometer is to develop an innovative organizational management model based on soft methodologies (readjusted in Colombian companies).

The Research and Action Team for this project within the Quantic Humanism Initiative is:

  • Deyanira Ariza: Computer Engineer. Colombian representative for Bruce Copen Laboratories. Expert in the use of the Mars III® device in health, agriculture, human and organizational areas.
  • Alexander Muñoz: Psychologist. Expert in psychology of informational fields. Almost a decade of experience in psychological therapy using the Mars III® device.
  • Rafael Castro: Business Expert. Ontological Coach and Chi-coach in energy management and coherence life approaches. Trainer of the HeartMath Institute.
  • Carlos Largacha-Martínez, Ph.D.: Quantum Sociologist and quantic coach. Expert in organizational transformation and business development.


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