Immaterial Communication

This is an ongoing project. The first phase was a holistic research, followed by the creation of the construct ‘Immaterial Communication’. The result is a scientific article. At this moment is being reviewed by the Scientific Journal ‘Culture & Organization’. Hope we can have it published with them, so we can put more information here. Meanwhile, this is the abstract:

Why HBR has in his ‘Best of Motivation’ book Livingston’s article ‘Pygmalion in Management’, and from 1970’s there has been scant research about the ‘Power of Expectations’ in leadership? Because only with vanguard science the self-fulfilling prophecy can be researched and legitimized. This article reviews the state-of-the art scientific discoveries of the last 50 years in the areas of management, biofields, quantum mechanics, neuroplasticity and epigenetics with a threefold objective: to demonstrate that humans have more senses to communicate between them, to create and invent a new leadership construct: immaterial communication, and to give the first steps into operationalizing under the Immaterial Communication Leadership Competency-ICLC. The ICLC is a soft-skill desperately needed in the workforce, since its absence explains—in part—why 86% of workers (Gallup, 2013) are not engaged. At the end a list of workshops already designed and proven are shown in order to operationalized the ICLC.

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