Every time I was in class, Largacha always sought to encourage and motivate each one of us so that we would risk doing what we like no matter what they will say. I always wanted to be a model but I was self-conscious because of my height, I did not risk it because I thought that I would not be able and I was TERROR that I would be JUDGED. Thanks to coach Carlos Largacha leave those fears and I “risk” to study modeling.

Then I met my boyfriend online. Now I live in Australia. Everyone told me I was crazy. If I kept paying attention to that fear of … what will they say about me? I would not be living here in Australia with a wonderful person and living incredible experiences. But definitely thanks to that madness that has encouraged me to take risks, is that I have lived things that I never imagined in my life would come to live, without a doubt the best experience of my life.

Natalia López   –     Leadership Student, 2014

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